Animal Rescue CornerVermont September 2, 2023

Animal Rescue Corner: Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team

The Vermont Disaster Animal Response Team (VDART) was established to strengthen and support the state’s capacity to respond to animal needs in the event of a disaster. They provide vital resources and advice to pet owners, animal-related businesses and non-profits, local communities, and state agencies in the area.
What they do:
  • Provide or sponsor training in Emergency Animal Sheltering and other disaster-related topics to interested volunteers.
  • Develop and support a network of Regional Disaster Animal Response Teams across the state to assist local communities with their pet sheltering needs following a disaster.
  • Provide standard operating procedures and standardized forms for local and regional emergency pet sheltering needs.
  • Educate the public, volunteers and responders on the importance of planning for and responding to animal needs in disasters.
  • Deploy a fully equipped Companion Animal Mobile Equipment Trailer (CAMET) that includes cages and other necessities to supply an emergency animal shelter in the event of a disaster.
  • Assist municipalities with the incorporation of pets into their own local Emergency Operations Plans.

Visit the VDART website to learn more!